6 Maintenance Duties for Your Invisalign

Invisalign aligners were your dentist’s recommendation, considering they’re transparent, removable, and convenient. Cleaning your Invisalign aligners is an absolute basic now that you have them. Cleaning your Invisalign trays is equally as essential for dental health as cleaning and flossing your teeth and gums. Below, we’ll discuss the best practices for keeping your Invisalign and the worst ones to avoid.

Maintenance Tips for Invisalign

Rather than taking metal braces and wires to straighten your teeth, you can choose Invisalign trays. Depending on which teeth need to be corrected, they can be made to fit the top or lower arches of a patient’s mouth. Understanding the way to maintain your Invisalign braces is essential if you intend to keep them in excellent condition throughout your treatment. Here are some of the best techniques for keeping their appearance.

Clean Them Regularly

When maintaining your Invisalign trays, regular cleaning is crucial. Create a habit of cleaning them whenever you brush your teeth. You can do this by supplying both aligners with a mild cleaning with toothpaste and a soft toothbrush. Cleaning your aligners in this way will help you remove the germs that can lead to tooth cavities and other health problems if left unattended. Consider dental center Philadelphia to help you with your Invisalign treatment.

Use the Right Products

You should not clean your aligners with anything rough, like soap, denture cleanser, or mouthwash. These elements may be abrasive to the gadget, making it look less shiny and less “invisible,” and thus more apparent when using it. It’s not a great plan to brush your teeth with the same toothpaste you choose for cleaning them if you’re using a powerful kind. Have something with less harsh components.

Do Not Drink or Eat With Them On

Invisalign’s detachable nature is one of the treatment’s numerous advantages. It’s particularly vital that you take them off before eating or drinking, as doing so will avoid any possible damage or discolorations. Food and drink can cause staining, discoloration, and corrosion. Water is the only liquid that can be taken while wearing aligners.

Always Have Them in Their Case

You must make it a practice to keep your aligners in their case when not in use. Whether you’re taking them out to eat or just to the bathroom, remember to place them back in the case. Without such care, you run the threat of damaging or losing your aligners. Simply bringing your case with you at all times will ensure their safety.

Soak Your Invisalign Daily

Your aligners can be retained odor-free, clean, and nearly undetectable by soaking them. To clean your Invisalign aligners, all you have to do is include a few crystals in a cup of warm water. The following step is to put your aligners in the cup to soak for 15 minutes. After you’re done, simply use a toothbrush to clean off the tray, and you will be good to go. You can see here more information about Invisalign.

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Keeping good oral hygiene is important to keeping your Invisalign aligners well-maintained. You have to brush and floss your teeth two times a day to eliminate any remaining food and accumulated plaque. Consistent brushing and flossing can stop further oral problems like bad breath and tooth cavities. You must always clean your teeth thoroughly before putting in your Invisalign aligners. Visit some websites like https://philadelphiapa.dentist/dental-exams-cleanings/ for more information about dental cleanings.


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