Industrial Real Estate Comes in 8 Varieties

Any business requiring industrial warehouse space will have a significant challenge in locating it. You must pick an area for your business’s activities that’s appropriate in size. Find out what kind of industrial real estate will be the best fit for your business if you want to calculate how much space you will want for your manufacturing operation. This step is necessary for finding out the space you’ll need.

What do you need to know?

Retail, office, multi-family (apartments), hotels, land, specialty uses, and industrial are the main sub-categories under commercial real estate. This article intends to provide a detailed review of the industrial sector of CRE like Cushman & Wakefield Atlantic that explains the potential benefits of having industrial real estate in an investor’s portfolio.

Heavy Industry Manufacturing

The facilities are extensive and costly factories that produce many different kinds of goods, including products, items, and materials made with advanced technology and equipment. Manufacturing facilities that are heavy in size typically need hundreds or thousands of square feet of production and a reliable source of electricity and docks for loading.

Light Industry Manufacturing

Light assembly capabilities are less extensive and more straightforward than manufacturing heavy equipment. Firms that manufacture light products like Fredericton industrial real estate specialize in producing smaller parts that are then distributed and stored using equipment that is more lightweight and portable and can be adjusted to accommodate new tenants.

Logistic Center

Distribution warehouses deliver goods from a central area most of the time to ensure that customers get their merchandise in a timely and effective way, regardless of their physical location. The warehouses are usually one story high, contain more than 10,000 square feet, and are used to store and distribute business products.

General Storage

The primary purpose of general warehouses is storage facilities and not distribution hubs. Because the products don’t move continuously into and out of general warehouses, this type usually has a lower door /square footage ratio. Cold storage is among their more common industrial uses, but there are many other applications.

Flexible Space

They are designed to give tenants flexibility regarding how the available space can be utilized; the flex storage structures are suitable for various uses. They are lower in height than many industrial buildings. They contain at least thirty percent office area, the remaining space being used for storage space.

Exhibition Area

Showrooms are multi-purpose buildings that can be used for displaying goods and offices and storage. In most cases, at least half of the space inside the showroom is devoted to showing and selling different products. The dealership for cars is the most famous instance of a showroom.

Research and Development

To accommodate companies that depend on the latest technological advances, “research and development” spaces often include manufacturing, offices, and storage space. This real estate category typically is located in a park for business that resembles a campus and has ample parking. Feel free to check out commercial real estate listings in Saint John for options.

Data Center

The phrase “data center” refers to an extremely specialized kind of industrial structure that supplies power to a large number of computer servers as well as devices for telecoms switching. Data centers are responsible for maintaining online connectivity and facilitating cloud storage services accessible to significant businesses. The average size of the data center is around 100,000 square feet; however, it could be bigger.


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