What Is the Preventative Maintenance Procedure?

With machine learning and operational data analytics, and asset health monitoring, engineers may improve business or plant operations and reduce the risk of dependability issues. It is essential to utilize preventative maintenance programs to ensure stable operations, assure the compliance of warranties, and deal with problems that could affect production – before they occur.

Types of Industrial Machine Preventive Maintenance

There are four main categories of preventative maintenance to choose from. While they’re all organized and scheduled differently, however, they’re all created to ensure planned maintenance. This is because different business processes require different types of maintenance. Here are the basic maintenance:

Preventive Maintenance Based on Use

The utilization of an asset is the trigger for the need for usage-based preventative maintenance to be completed on it. A date for an inspection or maintenance project can be estimated using the assistance in this kind of maintenance by taking into account the typical everyday usage of an asset or its exposure to environmental conditions.

Calendar- Or Time-Based Preventive Maintenance

When using a time and calendar-based system, Preventive maintenance is carried out at times that have been predetermined and according to intervals defined by calendars. The maintenance action will begin once the deadline gets closer and the required work orders have been issued.

Predictive Maintenance

The purpose of predictive maintenance would be to arrange the corrective maintenance procedure in advance, before any malfunction or teardowns. Before the team can even begin to estimate when maintenance will be required, they need to first examine the condition of the machine or equipment. Maintenance chores are scheduled to prevent any unanticipated breakdowns on equipment.

Prescriptive Maintenance

It is not just a way to reveal when a breakdown is imminent, but it also provides the reasons for the failure due to being occurring. This kind of maintenance can help identify and select the best options and likely results to reduce the risk of the negative impacts on the operation.

Reactive Maintenance

Referred to as “breakdown maintenance,” it’s a technique in which the emphasis is put on fixing or replacing equipment and restoring it back to its original condition only when it has already stopped working or has been determined to be inoperable. Or mainly, reactive maintenance deals with a problem or issue after it has already happened, not taking any preventative steps. This maintenance can still be performed, but it’s suggested only for low-cost, easy-to-replace components that aren’t likely to cause collateral damage or costs are less than preventative maintenance.

Preventive vs. Predictive Maintenance Verdict

“Preventive maintenance” encompasses several actions and duties. Every system’s manufacturing component requires regular cleaning and lubrication. In other situations, the need for more extensive service might be necessary, such as repair, reconditioning, or replacing parts.

In contrast, predictive maintenance is an improvement to preventative. Both kinds avoid mechanical problems. Predictive maintenance goes further and is more accurate but requires more information. The predicted lifetime of the equipment model and performance history is taken into account. Predictive maintenance models can make accurate forecasts about system faults by incorporating more information.


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