Contactless Access Control System 101

When a company implements an access management control system, it includes specific devices that let it manage access to the office building and particular sections of the workplace that are critical to the operation of the business. In many cases, a surveillance camera system and an access control panel with a card reader will be installed together as one unit. The ability to save time and money by selecting the most appropriate access management control solution from the beginning is critical.

Points that You Need to Consider

To assist you in making the best choice possible, learn more tips that you may find helpful.

Cloud-Based Technology

By using cloud-based access control solutions, management may monitor and regulate access-related actions from any place. This single dashboard may prove to be more productive and cost-effective for small companies. Remote monitoring tools provide real-time information and control, increasing efficiency and safety.

Before and After Sales Support

Preparing, educating, and maintaining an information technology infrastructure may consume a significant amount of resources for a small business or startup; in this case, selecting a company that includes pre- and post-sales assistance as part of the entire package is a wise decision.

Contactless Entry System

In today’s climate, it is critical to choose a system that enables contactless access. When an access management control system is utilized, no biometric information is collected. Despite this, employees or visitors are strongly recommended to be granted access through a card or one-time password.

Contactless Temperature Screening

In terms of both money and human resources, employing someone to take the temperature of every individual who enters or leaves the workplace regularly may be too expensive in the long run. Contactless temperature screening devices are now possible as a result of recent technological advances. On site health screening reduces the risk of site and community spread.

Visitor Management System

Along with having regular workers, small companies and startups may profit from having constant foot traffic. Visitors may be required to register with the visitor control system to avoid entering the building with their hands in their pockets.

Crowd Management Compliant

In addition to ensuring crowd control, the access management control system also guarantees that social distance standards are followed. As a result, such systems prevent more than a certain number of people from entering a building, thus offering complete protection against the COVID 19 virus’s spread throughout the structure.


Small companies and startups need this technology to limit access to critical parts of an office to specific workers, keep track of attendance records, and prevent the entrance of excessive people into the workplace environment. These access management control solutions are especially beneficial to small companies in the current economic climate. In this way, they can comply with national social distancing legislation while protecting their workers from the spread of the COVID-19 virus.


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